Specialised Services

Contaminated Insulation removal

Rodent infestations in the loft can lead to insulation contamination through rodent droppings and urine alongside a pungent smell. Lion Pest Control will remove the rodent droppings and contaminated insulation and then disinfect the loft against rodent borne diseases. We can also reinsulate the loft to have everything back to normal. Every loft is different and therefore quotes for this work vary depending on the size of the loft, extent of the infestation and access considerations. For a site specific quote for contaminated insulation removal please get in touch so we can turn this:

Into this:

and shockingly those before and after images are of the same loft!

‘No more mice package’

Fed up with always having mice – watch this space for the launch of our no more mice package designed to remove your mice from your house for good – coming soon