Residential Pest Control

If you’re battling a pest problem in your house or garden, from bugs in your bed, moths in your carpet to rats in the kitchen and plagues of flies in the loft we can help. There is no need to spend your time struggling to tackle your own pest problems, use an expert eye to take the stress off you. From small issues to raging infestations we can help. We love talking about pest control so give us a call so we can listen to your unique issue.


Is Anybody home?

With short breeding cycles a small rodent problem can quickly escalate out of control. Causing property damage, carrying disease and stressing you out, we strongly suggest you don’t let a rodent problem linger and escalate. LPC will not only tackle your current rodent problem but we will always advise you on how to make your property more secure and less attractive to unwanted visitors reducing your risk of it happening again. We use the biology of the animal to provide a detailed analysis of your rodent risk from altering landscapes to building structures and rodent highways. Every infestation is different and will require its own unique treatment plan.

LPC can also complete any specialist proofing works or clearing works required to achieve a lower pest risk status alongside disinfection services to make your property safe again. Drop us an email or give us a call and your a few hours away from being a step closer to pest free and having your property back under sole ownership. Rats, Mice, Internal Squirrels and Moles are covered.


Insect infestations can be difficult for an unskilled individual to tackle. Knowledge on their life cycle, where they are living and what they are eating (even if that is you!), are key to a successful treatment. Keeping insects out of your property can be tough and these things unfortunately happen but you can save yourself a bunch of wasp stings or save your carpet from hungry moths and get an expert in. Most insect infestations are treated using insecticides but there are still things that can be done to reduce the risk of insect infestations and better protect your property, possessions and yourself from these infestations and we will always advise you of this.

We do not treat bees. Bees are important parts of our ecosystem and rarely provide enough of a risk to people to warrant the use of insecticides. We can help you find a local Bee Keeper who is willing to remove the bees for you even if that means removing a few bricks and replacing them afterwards. We are of course more than happy to provide advice free of charge if you are having issues with bees.

Specialised Services

  • Contaminated loft insulation removal
  • No more mice package

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