Agricultural Pest Control

Agricultural customers
We offer a predominately rodent based pest control service for agricultural customers alongside the odd wasp nest treatment and so fourth. Farms are a unique environment and take a lot of skill to keep under control in terms of rodent infestations. Out smarting a rat who has a wide range of food availability requires that certain level of dedication we bring to the table and is more complex than laying some bait boxes and hoping for the best. We bring this level of skill to the table, from targeted baiting, digging out burrows to altering the environment.

The battle with rodents on farms is often an ongoing relationship as once a rodent infestation is ridded a new one smells out your site at some point in the future. We provide a free survey for all agricultural customers and will be open and transparent about the level of involvement we suspect your farm will need and the cost. Pest control on farms is exciting and challenging and we bring the skill set to also make it effective.

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