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There is one service in South Molton we do not offer. Although we generally do not treat Bees we are especially conscious to protect Bees in South Molton due to Quince Honey Farm. Quince Honey Farm is one of the leading bee farms in the UK and was rumoured to have the largest honey bee collection in the world. Bees are vital for our ecosystem. If you want to know what happens without them ask the Chiness. In the South West of China wild bees were eradicated due to excessive pesticide use and loss of habitat. As a result the Chinese have had to hand pollinate their apple orchards. This involves using a paint brush to pollinate every flower on the tree, a labour intensive method which we simply could not manage for all the crops that bees pollinate, and did so for free. If any nature needs a value on their head in order for us to treat it with respect and protect it the bees have it.

There is a common mis understanding that it is illegal to treat Bees which unfortunately is not the case. There are additional procedures that need to be followed when treating bees which involve either removing the honey combs or blocking the entrance to the nest. These are in place to protect other bees from stealing the honey (such as the bees from Quince Honey Farm) from a treated nest and picking up the insecticide causing even more bees to be killed.

At Lion Pest Control we do not treat bees and if you are having problems with bees your best bet is to call the local beekeeper who will try to remove them for you if they are honeybees. Bees are generally not aggressive and are far to busy working to bother you so most the time if you leave them ‘bee’ things work out OK. There are many fascinating things that can be said about bees, they dance for each other giving directions to food sources and of course they make honey, natures natural sugar. Everyone can help the bees by planting bee friendly plants in their garden and holding off mowing the flowers in spring on the lawn. 

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