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We offer a wide range of pest control services for residential, commercial and agricultural customers in Exeter. For details on these services please visit the home page. If you would like to discuss a pest problem or to get a quote please visit the contact us page. We are now also offering a book online service for pest control in Exeter. To find out more about Lion Pest Control Ltd visit the about us section.

  • Qualified: Professional Accredited Pest Control Technician (Advanced BPCA certificate)
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  • Experienced: Delivering effective treatments
  • Unique Subscription Services instead of a contract for commercial customers
  • Devon based

We treat all sorts of pest problems in Exeter but the one that keeps us on our toes the most is the infamous House Mouse (mus domesticus). Exeter is the second most populous place in Devon and the perfect environment for house mice. House mice like the density of houses that Exeter has to offer and as the name suggests like to be in the house. Their outdoor cousins, field mice, tend to prefer winter holidays in the house where it is warm and mostly live outdoors in the summer when food is plentiful and the temperature more agreeable. Both field mice and house mice can fit through a hole as small as 5mm (roughly the size of a standard biro) so it takes an expert eye to find exactly how the mice have entered a property. Whether you find mice cute or not, having them in the house is a problem due to the diseases they carry presenting a health risk and the damage they can do to buildings through constant gnawing particularly to electrical wires which can cause fires.

You may think a mouse is a mouse but house mice and field mice present different problems and behave differently. We can only assume that house mice have a little handbook on pest control and go through rigorous anti pest control training before they are allowed out of the nest to wreak havoc. They can steel the food of a snap trap without setting it off and be very bait shy. They are tenacious and will chew through many different types of material to enter your property or find an alternative route if you have blocked up their main entry point. Being snap trap savvy and sometimes bait shy the battle with house mice can be an exciting one. It can take some thinking outside the box, determination and plenty of skill and knowledge to get them under control and rid the infestation. Most importantly it takes an expert eye to find those small holes and appropriately block them up to protect against more mice entering in the future. Their high intelligence and tenacity makes them an interesting pests to work with and there are plenty of them in Exeter to keep the pest controllers busy.

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