Pest Control Cullompton

We offer a wide range of pest control services for residential, commercial and agricultural customers which Cullompton has a perfect mix of. For details on these services please visit the home page. If you would like to discuss a pest problem or to get a quote please visit the contact us page. We are now also offering a book online service for pest control in Cullompton. To find out more about Lion Pest Control Ltd visit the about us section.

  • Qualified: Professional Accredited Pest Control Technician (Advanced BPCA certificate)
  • Professional: Reliable service with professional paperwork and fully insured
  • Experienced: Delivering effective treatments
  • Unique Subscription Services instead of a contract for commercial customers
  • Devon based

Although we treat a wide variety of pest problems in Cullompton the one we come across where people are unsure why they have the pest problem is Cluster flies. Read more about Cluster Flies below:

Cluster Flies: Based in the beautiful Culm valley and surrounded by countryside Cullompton is idyllic. Being surrounded by farmland can be idyllic, however, it can also bring some unwanted pest problems. Those of us that live in the countryside are all too familiar with the onslaught of flies as the weather heats up. These can range from a constant influx of flies through the hotter months should you dare to leave the windows open to swarms of flies that can fill your loft and squeeze into the cracks of your windows, cluster flies. As their name suggests they like to cluster together when they hibernate and can be found in large numbers especially in peoples lofts or squeezing in the cracks of window frames. They are a particular annoyance when they move out of hibernation in the loft, when the weather warms up in Spring, and when they move back into hibernation when it cools down in the Autumn. This is when people experience high numbers flying around the house. Cluster flies have an unusual element to their life cycle where they lay their eggs in soil. When the larvae hatches out it actively seeks an earthworm to burrow into and eat and hence the cluster flies connection with rural life.

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